'72 Chevy Truck
Photo gallery of my 1972 Chevrolet C20 Deluxe (almost 500 images, not mobile-friendly)
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Floating 2009!
The crazy Latvian visits from Taiwan again. And Toad is up from SJ. June 2009.
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House Photos!
I finally had a chance to put up some new pictures of my house.
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Cats and Dogs
Getting Along!
Maggie and Caddie get along just fine when Caddie isn't trying to drag her around by her head. She is getting bigger but still has a lot of kitten in her. Since its cold out, Al and Coda spend more time around the house, but they still don't seem to appreciate the dog for some reason.
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Rock Band
Not just guitar hero. Now we have the whole band.
and Vocals


Cats and Dogs!
This place is turning into a zoo!
Al and Coda are pissed off that they don't get all the attention anymore. This is my new cat Maggie, named because I found her on the Magpie Canoe trip. She was starving on the banks of the Sacramento River, and she spent 2 days on my kayak, camping with us and going all the way to Scotty's Landing near Chico.
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Guitar Hero
Coop brought it to Curt's,
I bought it the next day,
the rest is history.

Winter Disc Golf
Some great weather in November and December let the Bidwell Disc Golf Course dry out enough for us to get a few rounds in. Jonas and I went on my birthday, and four of us went the following Saturday and played teams on the long course, then again December 10th.
Thursday pictures here
Saturday pictures here
Dec 10 pictures here

My New BBQ
When my old Kingsford rusted out, I ordered this cast-iron hibachi grill from Lodge Manufacturing. Everything I have cooked on it so far has been fantastic.
Here are some pictures to make you drool

Kev's First
Explorer Raft
Looks like I can keep doing this every weekend.
Since he forgot his tube at Scotty's, Kevin got to try an Explorer raft for the first time ever.
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More River Floating -
It was 105 degrees out, where else would I be?
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One day after Erik came up to visit from Santa Clara, Maris who was on vacation from Taiwan came up for a visit too. Float twice in one week?...OK.
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Sacramento River Floating -
Erik came up for a couple days in July for some Chico sun. Of course, this means beer, snacks, and a few hours of floating on the Sacramento River.
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We have made quite a tradition out of the KFOG Kaboom, and this year was no disappointment. Great weather made it even better. Our crew took every seat on the top of a train car, and we finally got home about 2:30 AM.
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Poker Night -
McChris' Birthday

The crew doesn't really need an excuse to play poker and put back a few drinks, but my brother's birthday drew a big crowd. Even though Jake took home all my chips and I didn't do any better at dominos, we all had fun.
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Erick Brady and I went mountain biking at Feather Falls on April 31. This was my first ride with my new Marzocchi 2002 Marathon Fork - AWESOME! Thanks Matt.

Sea Otter Classic

Rich, Erick, and I camped in Monterey for the Sea Otter Classic at Laguna Seca. Thanks to Tom Ritchey and plenty of beer, it was a great weekend.

"What's really goin' on?"
My neighbor Kevin stops by for a cold one off the kegerator. Tonight's beer of choice: Butte Creek Winter Ale.
"Keep 'er steady."

Snow Mountain Backpacking

Some old photos I scanned.
Chris Minkel, Matt Bandfield, Erik Westrup, Mike Kenny, and I went backpacking in the Snow Mountain Wilderness Area. The picture shows Mike shooting rocks with the slingshot straight up in the air.
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